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New & Used Forklifts

We supply new and used forklifts all over South Africa with all standards met, if you are buying a used or refurbished forklifts you can be assured we only provide the best.

Your budget

We have many plans available for purchase or rentals to suit your budget. Our sales team will help you create your own specialized payment plan that keeps you lifting for less.


Diesel, Petrol & Gas

We have diesel, petrol, gas and electric forklifts available and range from 1.5 ton to 16 ton as mentioned above about our used forklifts. We have mechanics that work on all makes.



When it comes to forklift repairs you need a company that will give you the best service and guarantees on all work done, we take great care in our repairs and make sure we get it right.


forklift repair



Forklift repairs can be challenging from the electrical wiring to the major engine repairs needed it’s something for the pro’s, we make sure that when we deal with our repairs our vans are equipped with everything to help on site and diagnose within minutes, this ensures that the down time of the forklift is kept to a minimal.


Forklift repair companies can run you up thousands before you find the right company in Gauteng to take care of your forklift, we guarantee that our service and after sales service is the best and that all our repairs are done with the highest standards. We repair for the commercial sector as well so if you need fleet maintenance or a group repair we are available for quotes during the week for free.


We have a dedicated repair team that allows us to get all over Gauteng repairing all makes of forklifts no matter what the problem is. Our aim is to always do our repairs with the best parts available in Gauteng and also the best workmanship so all of our mechanics are qualified and licensed in the forklift repair industry.


Our forklift truck service vans are totally stocked with elements and have probably the most technologically superior diagnostic tools to handle your forklift repairs in Gauteng, no matter what mannequin or make you own. Air filters need to be cleaned and inspected recurrently.



We have many years of forklift experience to help you along with your forklift service requirements in Gauteng. Our subject technicians and upkeep workers in Gauteng are fully qualified and have experience in forklift servicing and repairs.



Our forklift repair technicians are specialists at elevate truck service and offering maintenance for all manufacturers of forklift tools. It’s necessary

to pay attention to the cost of doing business, The Forklift Shack maintenance has to be finished in a cautious, organized manner by skilled technicians in Gauteng.


When buying either a new or used forklift, the key to a superb return on your funding is a top quality preventative maintenance program. We handle all forklift repairs together with overhauls, emergency repairs and preventative maintenance. We pride ourselves on fast response to breakdown and we goal to answer all emergency breakdowns inside 2-3 hours of your call.


 Our techs may also offer you priceless insight into how you can enhance the life and cut back the prices associated with these wearable objects. Costs for “wearable’s,” resembling wheels, belts, and other parts that routinely require alternative all through the life of the truck. You should have tire replacements no matter how outdated the truck is.





The Forklift Shack has a list of forklifts that we rent or hire out to our clients in Gauteng, we know that the forklift is an item that can be used all day every day or just once in a while maybe even just once a month.


Our rental prices in Gauteng are all market related and we make sure that the service outshines the competition even after sales for our rentals have a great turnaround time so your forklift rentals are fixed same day if needed.