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Second hand forklift trucks for sale

We supply new and used forklifts all over South Africa with all standards met, if you are buying a used or refurbished forklift, you can be assured we only provide the best quality.

Forklift Repairs & Maintenance

Some of the repairs that we specialize in here at The Forklift Shack is engine repairs this includes the repairs of petrol and diesel forklifts, the mechanical repairs of the forklift mast.

Forklift truck rentals/ for hire

We have a list of forklifts that we rent or lease out to our clients, we know that the forklift is a item that can be used all day every day or just once in a wile maybe even just once a month.

Our forklifts can be delivered anywhere in South Africa including Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia

Used forklift trucks for sale



Toyota 7 series Forklift truck
Manitou M50 Forklift truck
Manitou msi 30T Forklift truck
Nissan Forklift truck