Forklift repairs & Maintenance Spartan

forklift repair

When you call us, one of our many service engineers is headed to your stockroom in Spartan – in his service van, which is ideally outfitted with certified extra parts. Our overall deals units ensure quick correspondence and upgraded working procedures – that is the reason we ensure quick response times.

Our Service Engineers are furnished with a workstation for moment blame diagnostics and service report creation, utilizing a product based analytic framework and also an extra parts list. The advanced gear of our service repair vans with the most well-known extra parts and additionally the high extra parts accessibility empowers short repair-times and limit the downtime of your forklift trucks in Spartan.

Our Service Engineers can likewise bolster you by adjusting or arranging your forklift trucks to changing working conditions – utilizing our neighborhood workshops in Spartan to locate your custom-made arrangement.

Like all machines, forklifts require routine maintenance to guarantee they keep going for a long time. On the off chance that you have not had your forklift adjusted in some time, or trust your forklift isn’t working effectively, we at Forklift shack, can help! Our specialists have long periods of experience and can benefit about any sort and brand of forklift. From straightforward repairs to finish redesigns, we can have your forklift fully operational again as fast as could reasonably be expected in Spartan/ Kempton Park.


forklift repairs

Our area has a full-benefit shop, and our mechanics can likewise come to you to perform routine upkeep on your forklift(s) in Spartan/ Kempton Park. In the event that we discover any issues with your machine, we can prescribe the most practical and most secure approach to repair your forklift.

Does your forklift require its oil change?

Whatever your forklift’s need, The Forklift Shack can convey an answer with greatness. Our 60 confirmed professionals have a normal of 10 years of experience and have experienced broad preparing. Our administration group is knowledgeable about keeping up and repairing all makes and models of forklifts in Spartan/ Kempton Park. We are focused on giving all our new and existing clients with a world-class when deals benefits that incorporates long haul full-upkeep understandings, 24-hour or 4-hour breakdown help in Spartan/ Kempton Park, forklift substitution save parts and overhauling, forklift services and repairs on driving world-class diesel, oil, gas or electrical forklift brands.

including Crown, Daewoo, Doosan, Hyster, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nichiyu, Nissan, TCM, Toyota and Yanmar.

Forklift maintenance checklist Spartan

forklift maintenance

The first maker’s guidelines ought to continuously be consulted when performing maintenance. A forklift is esteemed risky if any of the following are found:


  • Forks indicate absconds – breaks, shank isn’t straight, fork point isn’t straight, distinction in tallness of fork tips, sharp edge wear, situating lock not in working request, fork snares wear, or on the other hand stamping not decipherable 
  • Any unique well being gear isn’t working accurately 
  • Welds are broken anyplace on the machine 
  • Tires are low on air or are missing bits of rubber
  • Any sort of oil spill is obvious 
  • Damage to the overhead protect 
  • Gauges are not working legitimately 
  • Safety or educational decals are not clear  


The support interim is estimated by two strategies:


1. Days or long stretches of activity

2. Hours on the meter (this has turned out to be befuddled by the producers using numerous meters – key switch, operator sensing, drive motor, pump motor, etc.). The most usually utilized for reference is the operator detecting framework which is a seat switch or pedal switch on an outstanding unit.



Here are some important items to consider when servicing your fleet


  • All work ought to be performed in a perfect and safe zone Spartan/ Kempton Park
  • Make beyond any doubt that the motor is off or the battery is detached
  • Block the haggles the crisis brake
  • Change motor oil and channel per make’s calendar
  • Change air channels (cleaning is regularly not suggested)


Oil all fittings effectively, over the top oil can cause as much harm as none 

  • Replace water powered oil as prescribed by the producer
  • Batteries must be filled subsequent to charging to keep away from spillage – utilize antacid liquid to clean
  • Pneumatic tires ought to dependably have legitimate gaseous tension to maintain a strategic distance from harm
  • Inspect chains (and grapples) for stretching, rust, bulge, breaking, and misalignment Spartan/ Kempton Park